Can Jet lag be helped with exercise?

Can Jet lag be helped with exercise?

Pete and Jacqui recently enjoyed a well deserved break in Spain & Portugal; this helping to raise the question …can exercise help with the dreaded jet lag?

Our bodies are programmed to look after us with our internal clock; helping us to sleep and wake & maintain a 24hr cycle.

When we go off travelling on long haul flights which also involve a change in time - our body clock usually presents us with jet lag….

Below are some tips to help with jet lag:

  • Set your watches at the destination time when you begin your flight. This will help to reset your body clock when eating and sleeping on the flight.

  • Move around during the flight (opting for an aisle seat helps with this!)

    • Calf raises, stretching, gentle squats and stretching your quads will also help

    • We love compression socks when on long haul flights

  • Hydrate with plenty of water

  • When arriving at your destination, enjoy a walk outdoors for some gentle exercise (ideally less than an hour so you don’t become further dehydrated)

  • During the first few days of holiday, don’t overdo the exercise. Be gentle on your body and mix it with stretching, movement and some bodyweight strength.

    • Some examples include yoga, pilates, bike ride, walking, hiking, push ups, light jog…

  • Limit technology use at bedtime (or even an hour prior to going to bed is even better!)

With a few adjustments, local healthy produce, hydration and gentle exercise, you can reduce the effects of the dreaded jet lag.

If you have any other tips to add, please let us know!!!